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Digital Marketing is the solution to driving visitors to your business
I’ll guide you through the maze of options and cut right to the chase

When you want your website to succeed,
Digital Marketing is the solution

I’m a highly competent Website Developer but my specialist area is Digital Marketing. The art of driving visitors to your website and getting them to perform some action such as buying something or contacting you.

After 20 years doing something I love, I’ve tried and tested every marketing strategy in the book; and when the books ran out, I started creating and testing my own strategies, driving innovation and inspiring others with my mission, to really understand the technical factors that influence online businesses.

Digital Marketing is a Multi-Channel Discipline

We live in a connected world where consumers absorb information in numerous ways. The web is no different. It’s no longer enough to simply rely on search engines to bring traffic to your website because not all people use search engines as their first choice.

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter can be just as effective at driving visitors to your business but social media users ask questions of other social media users, they look for recommendations, reviews, genuine feedback and they absorb the opinions of influencers.

Some people go to YouTube to absorb information, learn and engage with influencers of a different kind. Some people open every email they receive and they’ll keep opening your emails if you know how to engage with them.

How about mobile? it’s super important today to consider ‘mobile first’ as a priority when developing but, whilst mobile consumers consume the same information as desktop users, they do it in a different way so you have to really consider how to engage with this audience.

And when it comes to search engines, it’s no game! you have to prove your worth to have Google rank your site above the others in your sector and that can only come through interacting with multiple methods of communication, engagement and strategy.

Putting yourself on the web is one thing; attracting visitors, building a reputation and making sales, is quite another but I can guide you through every aspect of connecting your website to the wider world and making it become what you want.

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing your website is all about strategy, measurement and understanding your audience. There is a lot to consider but I’m adept at guiding you through what you need to do, how to do it and at cutting to the chase and not wasting time on stuff that doesn’t work! Have a look at some of the services I offer, though typically, one size doesn’t fit-all, actually, all the digital marketing services I offer start with what you want to achieve (the goals), from where the strategy is defined.


Search Engine Optimisation is often misunderstood, often abused. But, with simple advice, its actually very straight forward.


Email may be 20 years old but its still a great way to communicate with your customers and engage with prospects


Social Media Marketing is a great way to engage with prospects and find influencers that can help grow your brand


If Content is King (pretty much is) then Content Marketing is it’s strategic partner shedding light on what, why & when


Paid Marketing channels such as Google AdWords and Social Media Advertising can be a great, cost-efficient way to get results.