I’ve always been a fan of website speed; after all, it’s good for the visitor experience and SEO alike so maximising this for my clients has always been a top priority when developing sites. Now, i’ve stepped this up a gear (or three!) by commissioning my own server. If you’re hosting with me you’ll be on the new server by default and I’ve been spending time configuring it for top speed and performance.

So if the value I offer already wasn’t enough for you, if you’ve been used to using shared hosting, this new server might just blow you away! It’s geared up to give my clients the best possible website hosting options, is housed in a UK Data Center and is with a reliable ISP that i’ve been using for many years.

I offer fully managed hosting packages for all my clients with FREE SSL Certificates for not much more than a pint of beer and packet of crisps so you can be assured that this is the next step in taking your website to the next level; Great for Visitors, Perfect for SEO, Brilliant for PPC and other paid ad platforms where speed and reliability is fundamental.

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