About Me

Freelance Website Services from Paul Chester
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Introduction to a Digital Marketing “Veteran”

When I started working in web technology, nobody knew who or what Google was! I witnessed the birth of Google (it was a very ugly baby) and have been passionately involved in all things “Web” ever since.

Over 20 years on and the web as we know it today has evolved into a universe of over 1.3Billion websites and its growing fast! it’s the go-to place for answers to anything and everything. For businesses, it’s an opportunity for a window to the wider world, your chance to tell people about what you do, to make your fame and fortune.

I’m a highly competent Website Developer but my specialist area is Digital Marketing. The art of driving visitors to your website and getting them to perform some action such as buying something or contacting you.

After 20 years doing something I love, I’ve tried and tested every marketing strategy in the book; and when the books ran out, I started creating and testing my own strategies, driving innovation and inspiring others with my mission, to really understand the technical factors that influence online businesses.

These days I work for “Me!” I’m independent and work with website owners filling in the knowledge gaps around Digital Marketing and Development. I’ve hired too many freelance agents myself over the years to know the pain of being let down so trust assured, I do understand the art of good communication and going the extra mile.