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Email may be one of the oldest forms of communication
but it is still a viable way to tap into digital marketing

“You’ve Got Mail”

Once upon a time, long before Google, Eons before Social Media, Email was the big winner. Fast forward and over 20 years later, Email is still here and it still reaches a viable audience! OK, things have changed, a lot, nowadays social tweets and facebook likes get seen much more but they are a different media, they are a throwaway society whereas Email is still more likely to hold the engagement of the audience so it should 100% still be considered as a viable medium for communicating with customers and continues to hold massive potential for marketing your business.

Email always was, and still is, a Numbers Game. But the Rules have Changed.

Old school Email marketing was always about building lists of subscribers, keeping them subscribed and having them take action. It still is but the difference these days is that the volume of email is immense! just like Social Media, if you want people to ‘follow’ your business (or subscribe to receive emails from you), you’re going to have to raise your game in terms of the content you’re providing, the quality and how you deliver it.

Getting people to subscribe to your email lists is harder today, getting them to open your email is even harder! but, if you can manage that and keep your subscribers engaged with your content, you’re onto a winner.

People are far more protective of their email address these days, sick to death of SPAM and JUNK so as a business, you must be aware of the rules of engagement, the expectations of the audience and you had better be offering something of VALUE rather than simply pushing your marketing message over and over!

Being upfront about what people can expect is key to getting their permission to email them, if you think you’ll get their consent without a clear purpose, offer and great content – forget it!

Straight Forward Email Marketing Services from Me to You

  • Free consultation & business marketing review. I’ll connect with you to understand your business and online goals.
  • Straightforward advice on building your email list
  • Tools to build out great looking email campaigns
  • Measurement and Testing, Segmentation and Analytics
  • Autoresponders and hands-off Email marketing
  • Continuous Analysis and Improvement
  • Intelligent Email based on Interaction
  • Clear measurement of success, wins and fails!
  • Avoiding the Spam and Junk mail traps
  • Simple advice on engaging with your audience in the right way
  • I can provide Full Service or work with your own resources
  • Clear pricing, agreed up front, no hidden costs
  • No lengthy contracts