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Websites that Deliver against an incoming Tide of Competition

Whatever your business, when it comes to promoting your website, you’re facing a seemingly impenetrable wall of other sites that want the same as you: Google Rankings, Traffic and Sales
I’ve been working in Digtial Marketing and Development for over 20 years and I’m perfectly placed to help you understand how to achieve what you want and realise your potential.

I use my knowledge and experience to educate my clients on how to break down the barriers that stop their websites working for them

Websites, However good they are, cannot promote themselves

Your website is important, obviously but, however good it is (both visually and technically), the majority of signals that Google looks for when grading your website are influenced by off-site actions. If you’re after the non-paid, Organic listing results for certain search phrases, it is imperative that you take steps to influence the visibility and popularity of your website.

The Digital Marketers Toolkit :
Channels, Conversion, Retention and Influence

Digital Marketing IS NOT one thing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the first basic step; this ensures your website is geared up so that search engines can easily recognise what it’s all about. Its a series of simple rules, technical setup and a common goal to optimise the content and influence the reach of your website so that your site pages appear at the top of a search engine result for a specific set of keyword terms.

In the end, you want to attract visitors to your site when they search for your products or services and SEO is the key to making sure you have the best opportunity to do this.

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Social Media Marketing. Whether you love it or hate it, Social Media is here and it’s here to stay. Web users use it as a research tool almost as much at they use search engines; it can be a great avenue to engage with prospects, nurture customer relationships and find influencers to promote your business, garner reputation and share across the platforms to attract new customers through recommendations. Ultimately, Its also a big chunk of the jigsaw that can show the likes of Google that you are a genuine business.

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Paid Marketing can be a really good way to promote your business but it comes in many forms so it is important that you recognise its value and measure its effectiveness. Whether you want to use Google AdWords, Paid Social Media ads or tap into numerous other paid avenues, optimisation is critical to a positive ROI.

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There are many other aspects to digital marketing that may be appropriate for your business. Considering the way in which people research and consider things online, you may need to touch in on Video MarketingRepuation Management and understand how your website design influences your visitor journey.
What happens when you start getting some visitors and they don’t convert? There will be reasons for this and it’s in your business interests to identify them and try to make improvements. Also, you’ll want to know where your visitors are coming from and which of these “channels” are working best for you.

Using and understanding analytics data analysis is a core component of any digital marketing campaign. Identifying what works for you, where best to invest your time and optimising your marketing based on this in part of the ongoing strategy.

Email Marketing. A good, holistic marketing effort may include marketing through more traditional media such as Email; it’s been around for more than 20 years but its still one of the best ways to reach your consumers, re-engage with with your customer base and garner some new actions.

I check my email a lot! I’m sure thats the same for most people; emailing for the sake of it won’t do you any good but there are some great strategies that can work for your business.

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Content Strategy plays a big part of digital marketing these days. Good content is a critical component of modern day SEO, can help you get noticed on Social Media and can help with Paid Marketing and Email communications. Understanding what your audience wants and delivering that in an engaging, entertaining and interesting way can really help pull together the whole strategy.

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Mobile Marketing is a growing sector; people consume more information through mobile devices than at any other time in the history of the web and it must always be at the forefront of of your mind when you create content for marketing.

How I can help your business succeed online

I make it my business to break down the barriers that prevent websites from working for your business, cut through the mis-information and aim to educate you through a practical approach to understanding how to tap-in to the channels that work. My approach is research driven, highly analytical and proven to work time and time again. For me, I love nothing more than helping businesses succeed online, achieving outstanding results and building long-term relationships with my clients who see the sense in following the expert advice I can offer. If you want to fast-track your website success, I’ll show you, quite simply, how to connect the pieces of the web to give you the very best results without wasting money, time or effort.