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Paul Chester, Digital Marketing and Website Development in Kent Paul Chester, Digital Marketing and Website Development in Kent


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Digital Marketing and Website Development Services

Tap-In to over 20 Years Experience in Digital Marketing & Development

When your Website is underperforming, where do you turn?

Hi, my name is Paul Chester and I’m a freelance Digital Marketing & Development professional based in Kent, UK.

Over 20 Years Experience in Code, Marketing and BusinessI suppose you could say, I’m relatively “Ancient” when it comes to the modern world of Digital Marketing.

I started building websites before Google was even a thing! and I’ve spent over 20 years working in Marketing and Development with companies (and budgets) large and small.

I’ve witnessed the evolution of web technology, the birth of Google (and subsequent rise to world domination!) and learned a hell of a lot about digital marketing.

I’m able to see the bigger picture, connect the dots that others don’t and create solutions both in Marketing and Development to help businesses grow online and achieve goals!

If you’re serious about marketing your website and online brand, It would be my pleasure to talk about how I can help you move forward without spending a small fortune.

It’s All Connected

Whether you need Marketing or Website Development, the journey should start in the same place: GOALS

You have to know what you want before I can work out how to get you there

Paul Chester - Digital Marketing ConsultantSo I’m going to take time to understand your business, help you understand the search market, cut through the BS and get straight to an understanding of what needs to be done to compete.

Then, its all about strategy. This may include Web Development and various aspects of Digital Marketing such as SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content depending on how difficult the Goals are to reach.

Whatever your needs, I take a fresh and impartial view of the market, your business needs and project goals.

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Digital Marketing needs a multi-channel solution...

Having a website and great content alone, just won't cut it!


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation ConsultancySearch Engine Optimisation in the current search engine climate is Tough.

These days, SEO is just one part of the marketing jigsaw that begins with optimising code and content to best-practice but organic success is also heavily influenced by what you do off-site.

Great content, Back-links, Social signals and an engaged audience all have influence but so does whatever your search competitors are doing!

I can help you to understand how to reverse engineer and replicate/better any success they’ve had plus build out a reliable plan for SEO growth.


PPC - Pay per click consultancyPay Per Click campaigns in Google AdWords can be an exceptional tool to drive visitors to your site, sales of your products and to learn from the data.

I can help you optimise your PPC campaigns, achieve higher quality scores, lower click-costs and show you ways to maximise the value of every visitor.

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into PPC, make sure you get the right advice up-front! many have made costly mistakes using a DIY approach. I’ve been running PPC campaigns for many years and can fast-track you to success.

Google Analytics

Social Media ConsultantI’ve met a lot of website owners that run Google Analytics on their sites but have never looked at it!

Other businesses look at it but cannot relate the data to tangible actions.

Yet, this tool can help reveal problems on your website, visitor behaviour, can help you understand how to get more traffic from higher converting sources and a lot more.

I can help you understand Google Analytics, everything from optimal setup to custom reports and dashboards for your business.


Improving Conversion Rates depends on traffic flow, you need to throw enough visitors at your page to get a true picture of how it helps visitors convert.

Once you’ve identified areas to test you can set about setting up some simple A/B tests or (depending on traffic) MULTI VARIATION tests.

I can help you get your head around split-testing and measuring response as well as what to test. I can even come up with the tests for you and manage the whole cycle if you wish.

Social Media

Social Media ConsultancyLove it or Hate it, Social Media is here to stay and you’d better embrace it as a business before you get left behind.

Whether its engaging with an audience of prospects, nurturing customer relationships, spreading the word or trying to go Viral, there are right and wrong ways to achieve these goals.

Commercial business social media needs to be managed carefully but basic rules can help you get your social media in order.

I can help put you on the right path or manage the full social cycle, whatever your needs.



Engagement consultantWebsite Engagement is a sign of quality. How long visitors spend reading your content, how many pages they visit, how long they spend on the site are all relevant signals for SEO, PPC and other channels.

So it is important to focus your site on quality, link-able and engaging content that speaks to your target audience.

I can help you discover the type of material that works in your industry and engages with your target audience and give you advice on how to target the same success.


SEO Back-links ConsultantBack-links have long been recognised as a major signal for Google to rank a website organically. But with each iteration of their search algorithms comes a new wave of things you need to be careful about.

Quality is always better than Quantity. The art of getting back-links to your site should always focus on attracting natural links to awesome content.

There are many other ways to get quality back-links you just have to be aware of the value and risks. I can help you identify back-link opportunities, reverse engineer competitor back-link strategy and more.


Reputation Management ConsultantBuilding a reputation online is something you usually don’t get much control over. With review sites, social media and dozens of other places people can ‘vent’, most businesses find themselves with an unwarranted bad reputation because 1 bad customer decided to splurge their anger online.

Reputation Management can help you get a handle on this, respond correctly, garner genuine positive reviews.

In the worst case scenario’s, I can sometimes help bury bad information online. In the best case scenarios, reviews can actually help your business grow its brand, reputation and trust.



Content Management ConsultantContent Planning is an important part of any SEO marketing plan. Producing the right content is critical to your success.

It’s easy to create content but unless it’s useful, engaging or thought-provoking, it will quickly drift into the abyss and nobody will link to it or even care. When producing content, always think quality, innovation, creative writing.

I can help you identify the type of content that resonates with your audience, create profiles (persona’s) for your visitor types and guide you on how to maximise content value.


Video MarketingSo you probably already know that YouTube is the world #2 search engine (just behind its owner, Google) and Video Media is showing up in the Google search results for a lot of searches.

Video can be a great way to connect with a new untapped audience, communicate in a new way, generate leads/sales and can help you infiltrate the first page of Google for top keywords. Using video as a channel to boost your SEO goals is common and the video doesn’t have to cost a fortune to produce.

I can help you discover where video fits in your industry, uncover video that already does well (so you can ‘borrow’ that idea!) as well as distribution channels to get your media seen.


Website Design and Development

I believe that website code is as important as the design itself. The design is subjective but it’s important that it always has the purpose to drive people into your sales funnel.

Bad design, the same as poor quality content, can kill conversion and turn visitors away in their droves; bounce rates are high, visitors are disengaged from your brand – so what do you do?

Actually, it’s reasonably straightforward when you’ve been doing this for years and years!

I can help you focus your site on your goals, setup A/B tests to measure different design and content changes and can make sure your visitors have clear navigation.

What? That's all you got?

Well, no actually, I have a few more skills and services up my sleeve…

Market Research & SWOT analysis: Digital breakdown of market and opportunities

Email Marketing: From planning through to implementation

Excel Mashups: Custom macro coding, automation, advanced excel development

Development: Websites, web-apps, custom features, code optimisation. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP (inc. WordPress), C# MVC, VBScript, VBA

Graphic Design: Offline marketing materials, business identity, logo’s, website/application mock-ups

Hosting: I have low cost fully managed hosting packages for websites and apps

I feel we're close to making a connection 🙂