Social Media Marketing

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Using a social media platforms for business
can be a great way to build an audience, brand and sales

Planning your Social Media properly can pay real dividends

Love it or hate it, Social Media is here and it’s here to stay! For businesses large and small, using social media marketing as a part of your combined strategy can help increase website traffic, improve conversion, create a brand (and increase awareness) and give you a great way to communicate with your customers and prospects. As part of a digital marketing strategy, done right, you can achieve all of this and much more.

Research and Planning your Social Media campaigns

Social media platforms are generally considered consumer applications but many businesses succeed through the long-term by planning and strategising.

Content planning is a big part of social media, especially when considered as part of your content marketing mix. In the same way that non-social campaigns are researched, understanding competitors, keywords and your target audience are all important to ensure you are adding value and not burning effort (or cash!). It’s all about engagement, appealing to your prospects, tapping into influencers and being consistent.

Great content can make all the difference. Whether you’re able to go viral or not, good content is important to be able to tap-in to the social media users, enhance your brand and promote your business.

I’m a realist in this area, taking data and knowledge from the success of others! no point in re-inventing the wheel but planning and research are a critical component of any social marketing campaign.

Straight Forward Social Media Marketing Services from Me to You

  • Free consultation & business marketing review. I’ll connect with you to understand your business and online goals.
  • Analysis of your market & competitors
  • Comprehensive keyword and competitor research
  • A variety of social platforms
  • Analysis of media types and engagement
  • Continuous Analysis and Improvement
  • Clear measurement of success, wins and fails!
  • Simple advice on engaging with your audience in the right way
  • I can provide Full Service or work with your own resources
  • Clear pricing, agreed up front, no hidden costs
  • No lengthy contracts

Organic or Paid Social Media Marketing

Understanding tangible goals and developing your social strategy through planning and measurement can be done organically as well as through paid media. You’ll also want to look at the platforms, audience and different types of media. Video media is a great medium for social but it’s not necessarily the best to connect with your audience, also you’ll want to think very carefully about the content and overall message you want to portrait over the long term before embarking on any kind of SMM.